Using the Skype for Web SDK Samples

Some guidelines for using the samples online or locally.

See the code on GitHub Full list of samples

Each sample shows working code

Each of the samples contains just enough code to demonstrate a particular use of the Skype for Web SDK. The samples are designed to demonstrate the functionality, and have been tested with the Skype for Web SDK. They should therefore work within any correctly set-up environment.

Using the samples online

Each of the samples requires you to log in. This means that you can use the online version of the samples to connect directly to your environment, using your login credentials so that you can experience the Skype for Web SDK with users, groups and information you are familiar with.

To do this, your Skype for Business domain must be correctly set up for Skype Web SDK and you will need to add as a trusted domain to run code from. Instructions on how to do this can be found on the Skype for Web SDK Prerequisites page. All the sample code is hosted on GitHub so you can verify that credentials are not being stored etc.

Using the samples offline

The samples can also be used offline, without the surrounding header & footer that you see online. For your convenience these elements have been separated into their own files, making it easy to strip the sample back to its core functionality. To do this:

Remember that even if you are running the code locally, you will still need to configure Skype for Business to trust your domain. See the Skype for Web SDK Prerequisites page for more information.

Have Feedback / Questions?

Please use GitHub's Issues section to raise issues with the sample code. Or, for questions/comments etc, reach out on Twitter or leave me a message.

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